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How to Find Local Electricians Near Me

Find Local Electricians Near Me

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This post is about how to find a local electrician in your town for your needs. Whether you are rewiring your home, adding a new electrical panel, trying to get rid of your knob and tube service, or just interested in adding some pending or recessed lighting to your kitchen, it is important to find a skilled and affordable electrician that you can count on to get the job done right.

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Most Common Searches for Electricians

One of the most common searches is to type – electrician near me. Your physical location, whether you are using your phone or computer, is known to the internet, and the search for electrician near me, will produce a selection of electricians that are physically closest to your location.

Another common search is to specify your job along with the terms. For example, if you wanted to add lighting to your kitchen, you could enter, electrician lighting installation near me, and this would produce electricians near you that do that kind of work. Being more specific, you could add, recessed lighting to the search query. But the key is to type in “near me”.

Alternatively, many people will type in the actual town. For example, electrician Ridgewood NJ, and this would produce the electrician nearest you that is also ranked highest in the eyes of the search engine you are using.

Reviews are Very Important

When you are looking for a local electrician, look for reviews. Most reviews include the customer’s experience and what kind of work they had done.

If you are using Google or Bing, you will see reviews left directly on the electrician’s listing, but in some cases, reviews will be pulled from other sources like Facebook or Yelp, and sometimes Home Advisor, or Angies List.

Licensed and Insured

This is a must. In order to stay safe and compliant, be sure the electrician you select is licensed in the state you are doing the work in, and also has insurance. Request this information and they should be able to supply the proof quickly as this question is asked of them all the time.

Search Results

Results for electricians near me come in three forms. At the top of the search results page you will see the paid advertisers. These are not usually your local electricians and often are large companies that sub-out the work to local electricians. Occasionally, however, you will find local electricians that use paid advertising to get to the very top of the page.

The second type of search result is found in the Map. This area shows a map with all the results near you. The reviews are shown along with phone numbers and towns that the electricians work in. Click on any one of the top three results and you will find an expanded page with photographs and more information. The Map is one of the most trusted areas for consumers to find a good electrician because of all the information that is presented.

The third result is below the Map. It is also “organic” – meaning, a result that shows up according to your search terms and what the given search engine sees as relevant. These days, the organic area is sprinkled with a few local electricians, but commonly it is dominated by the service aggregators like Home Advisor, Yelp, and the others that are popping up daily. And while those services may provide reliable vendors, they are very expensive for electricians so many of the best electricians are not using them.

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