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Houses built between 1880 and into the late 1940’s that have not been updated usually still have obsolete knob and tube wiring.

The risk of electrical fire increases dramatically in homes wired with knob and tube and you should call a licensed electrician to inspect and replace the existing system.

Knob and Tube Wiring Facts

Knob and tube wiring is more hazardous than modern wiring because of its age. It’s open nature makes it prone to physical damage which is sometimes covered by insulation, adding to the potential hazard. And knob and tube wiring has no ground wire so it can’t be used for 3-pronged appliances.

Advice for Homeowners

The best way to deal with knob and tube wiring is to replace it entirely. The next best option is to remove as much of the knob and tube wiring as possible and replace it with modern wiring. This will serve to remove as much load on the existing system as possible.

Our team has many years of experience with knob and tube installations as many older homes in our area still have this outdated service in place. Evaluations of the system in your home are FREE and this will help determine if the system has been installed properly, that all modifications are safe, and if the system is operating within its designed capacity.

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