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Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed Lighting Installation – Ridgewood NJ

Often a job involves a brand new installation.

Many rooms in homes are dimly lit and the owners desire a more even light distribution along with the ability to dim the lights for ambiance or saving energy.

From start to finish a job involves planning, specifying the proper lights, determining locations and spacing, installation, testing and cleanup.

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Locations. Knowing proximity to mounting joists, walls, and power, are key to a successful lighting installation.

Installing the lights evenly once the job starts comes as a direct result of the measuring and planning in the first stage of the installation. Installation usually involves new wiring, but often also involves replacing old wiring.

Next comes testing the fixtures for function and safety.

And finally, never leave a job unless it is cleaner than at the onset.

Regardless of whether you are installing recessed fixtures or pendant fixtures, the above steps are all very similar and a successful job is one well planned.

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